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Semper Fie!

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Monday, March 19th 2007

08:33:02 (5005 days, 14h, 7min ago)

A little "tongue in cheek" for ya......

From the gang at This Hour Has 22 Minutes.....

Id like to ALSO say a big THANK YOU to all of you who faithfully visited while I was
on my little "hiatus"...... You are the reason I come here everyday.....
16 Pick 'em up!.

Posted by Sue:

Posted by Darien Morrisseau:

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Posted by Carvajal-Domingue:

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Tuesday, April 8th 2008 @ 22:26:29 (4619 days, 0h, 14min ago)

Posted by Brendha:

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Posted by Dominique:

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Tuesday, April 8th 2008 @ 22:20:29 (4619 days, 0h, 20min ago)

Posted by Sevina Imogen Snape:

Don't cha just luv the CBC? It's so ... Canadian.
Tuesday, March 20th 2007 @ 07:38:07 (5004 days, 15h, 2min ago)

Posted by Claire Andrews:

Glad you're back!

Yes, that is a real photo - it is actually a fairly well known image (at least in these parts).

What do you get a bridge for her birthday? I would say a new paint job but painting the bridge is a full time occupation - once they get to one end, they have to start again from the other...
Tuesday, March 20th 2007 @ 04:12:55 (5004 days, 18h, 27min ago)

Posted by Beyond the Confines...:

OK ... just a leeeeeetle far fetched ... Dr Enwright was sure a bit nicer than I think I would have been to him, LoL!!
That was great Wil! Good to have you back to posting. Hope your Monday was good!
Monday, March 19th 2007 @ 21:22:37 (5005 days, 1h, 17min ago)

Posted by Kelly:

60 COMMENTS!!! Wow you really are loved! Great video BTW.
Monday, March 19th 2007 @ 17:51:15 (5005 days, 4h, 49min ago)

Posted by Alan B. McGourlay:

Great to see you back my friend and hope all is well with you! Loved the video! Excellent! :))) Have a great week!
Monday, March 19th 2007 @ 15:07:38 (5005 days, 7h, 32min ago)

Posted by DW:

I never caught one... but Buck did! He says they taste like chicken
Monday, March 19th 2007 @ 13:00:13 (5005 days, 9h, 40min ago)

Posted by Robin and Mom:

hi u w coolest we liked your video today and had lots of fun listening to the radio . happy roodle monday
Monday, March 19th 2007 @ 12:59:01 (5005 days, 9h, 41min ago)

Posted by Starlight:

And time for my break! I hope yours was good.
Smiles to you dearie.
Monday, March 19th 2007 @ 11:37:00 (5005 days, 11h, 3min ago)

Posted by Leah:

well there is the slight issue that my "place" happens to be outside and right now it's too damn cold to go sit outside for hours on end just thinking...
Monday, March 19th 2007 @ 10:43:29 (5005 days, 11h, 57min ago)

Posted by Wolf Singer:

Morning, Wil.

Thanks for the encouragement; this is turning out to be a lot harder than I expected. You would think that since the internet is so vast, it would be relatively easy to find something, but it's not. If I thought I could set up a business of my own as a life counselor or a conflict-resolution counselor or something similar, you can be sure I'd already be doing it, since that seems to be the direction I keep getting pushed in. It's hard work, my friend; a lot harder than I thought it would be...*sigh*

It's good to see you're back, my friend; you've been missed!

Monday, March 19th 2007 @ 09:32:11 (5005 days, 13h, 8min ago)

Posted by Tonia:

What about the ones that e-mail you constantly to find out where the heck you are??? LOL!! Good to see you back!
Monday, March 19th 2007 @ 09:16:24 (5005 days, 13h, 24min ago)

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