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Semper Fie!

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Friday, July 13th 2007

08:22:34 (4712 days, 2h, 20min ago)

Stampedes Past

As a born and bred Calgarian you can imagine Ive got a boot full of memories when it comes to the Greatest Show On Earth. I remember being knee high to a fatted calf, sittin on the curb with my family watchin the Parade go by when a lady horseman lost her hat. Spurred on by my father I ran out into the "fray", picked it up and handed it to her and just as the "awwws" died away they were replaced by gasps. I turned around and the woman Id just handed the hat to was now flat on her back in the middle of the street, her horse having bucked her just after I turned around. Felt responsible for that for YEARS!

Then there was the year the Canadian Snowbirds were honored guests and actually had one of their aircraft in stasis at the grounds for perusal and pictures. (Ill have to see if I can find that someday) Sittin in the left seat of that CT-114 Tutor, I realized right then and there what I wanted to do with my life... FLY! Unfortunately, as the saying goes MEN DREAM, GODS LAUGH.... it was a year later when I learn just how colour blind I was and no Airline in their right minds who hire a man who cant tell the difference betwee the sky and the ground.

My mother actually worked at a jewelry booth for a couple of years; the thought of spending all day down at the grounds was appealing at first... then it turned into 12 hour days sittin in the middle of 8 acres of concrete... NOT alot of fun. Course there WAS that pizza vendor who used to give us all his "left-overs" before he shut down... the midnight snacks were AWESOME!

Strangely enuff my fondest memory for these 10 days didnt even take place at the grounds and, in a way, had NOTHING to do cows or chuckwagons. My eldest sister had a friend in from out of town and, deciding they needed a day off from Cahboying, announced they were headed to Bowness park to do a little canoeing. Now being the NON SPOILED YOUNGEST CHILD I politely asked if I could accompany them to which they WHOLEHEARTEDLY agreed .

Now Bowness Park has a fair size lagoon with a small river that actually branches off from the Bow.. after a half hour of paddling in circles we decided to head up stream. We had JUST passed the first corner when I yelled at my sister and her friend to STOP! Confused, they asked me what was wrong but there REALLY wasnt time to explain. "BACK UP! BACK UP!" I screamed, paddling furiously enuff till they had not choice but to join me. So there we were, traveling backwards in a rented canoe, two young ladies with blank looks on their faces and a young boy who couldnt keep his eyes off the canoe that had passed them going the other way only moments ago.

We caught them...

I was right....

WHO would have thought in the middle of small river in NW Calgary that boy would meet one of his idols. (The Stampede was honoring the NHL that year)

OR that that Idol would just HAPPEN to have a pen and paper on him.... like it happens all the time.

Have a GREAT WEEKEND now...

Ya hear?

          Stampede Attendance

             2007     Record     Year

                   Thursday     47,139     89,185     92                  

               Friday       92,242    107,268     00              

           Saturday    123,132    177,207     77           

Sunday      150,420    171,784     99

Monday       87,767    100,611     91

Tuesday     118,803    127,247     06

Wednesday   134,544    148,512     89

Thursday    Unavail    115,126     88

9 Pick 'em up!.

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Sunday, April 28th 2019 @ 22:58:46 (404 days, 11h, 44min ago)

Posted by Alan B. McGourlay:

Hi Wil,
Always fancied going to a Stampede but not a lot of them about over here lol! You do make them sound fantastic!
Still waiting for summer to arrive...htink it might be Thursday this year?
Hope you had a great weekend!
Sunday, July 15th 2007 @ 15:55:53 (4709 days, 18h, 47min ago)

Posted by Sevina Imogen Snape:

O come on Wil tell me your favorite movie!
  • Did they catch that stabbing nut?
    Sunday, July 15th 2007 @ 15:25:58 (4709 days, 19h, 17min ago)
  • Posted by Claire Andrews:

    Hi Wil, I've put up some pictures of parrots (which of course, are as nothing to Manu or Cheeky Contiki, but still quite pretty)
    Saturday, July 14th 2007 @ 05:09:17 (4711 days, 5h, 33min ago)

    Posted by Tonia:

    Have a great weekend! See you in a week!! And NO...I will NOT forget the camera!!! Sheesh....you think I'd done that before or something!!
    Friday, July 13th 2007 @ 17:57:28 (4711 days, 16h, 45min ago)

    Posted by miss kitty:

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
    Friday, July 13th 2007 @ 17:16:36 (4711 days, 17h, 26min ago)

    Posted by Brenda:

    Hehehe, I am youngest too, with two older brothers... No way you get spoiled then ;-)

    Love your stories, and I hope I will be able to give some memories like yours to my kids... Canoeing on a river, and meeting your hero! Must be awesome!

    Have a great weekend, my friend! :D

    Remember to Think Pink at all times ;-)
    Friday, July 13th 2007 @ 13:08:43 (4711 days, 21h, 34min ago)

    Posted by The Zoo:

    hi u w coolest . me and mom are youngest to and we are not spoiled either . thank you for the fun storys and happy friday the thirteen

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    Friday, July 13th 2007 @ 10:10:22 (4712 days, 0h, 32min ago)

    Posted by Holly:

    Wil, I just love hearing your stories. I wish you would share more of them, because it sounds like you had a really great time when you were a boy. I hope you'll consider sharing more of your childhood with us.

    As for the planes, well, when we get out camping, I don't miss the noise of them at all. Of course, considering the fact that we're right under the flight path... LOL

    Have a great weekend, my friend, and don't forget your sunscreen.

    Friday, July 13th 2007 @ 09:17:11 (4712 days, 1h, 25min ago)

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